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Rave: Example of outstanding user interface design

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The new Daily Telegraph app for iPad sets a new benchmark for how to implement an electronic newspaper:

  • Gorgeous clean pages
  • Slick intuitive content navigation system
  • Ingenious auto formatting ensures the content looks great in either orientation
  • Advertisements (currently Audi only) blend in, look great and are easy to skip once read

BTW, I tried to author this twice from the WordPress iOS app, but as usual, it lost all my work, a bug that many have reported, yet whoever owns WordPress have failed to fix. I am in a minority here, but as a human factors guy and software designer/end user, I find WordPress to be the most frustrating, slow, appallingly designed and unreliable product I have ever used – in ALL it’s incarnations. WordPress desperately needs a major competitor. Apple could create something wonderful that blends the excellent GUI of Pages with cloud based features. Like VHS, the horse and carriage and other popular but flawed products, people don’t tend to realise how bad something is until a revolutionary alternative comes along. What was it that Steve Jobs said about the latter?, “If you asked people what improvements they would like to the horse and carriage, they would say, ‘I would like a faster horse’.” Exactly!


Written by Oflife

September 22, 2010 at 10:46 am

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