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For quite a while now, Vision Aforethought has focused on some specific issues, with one or two technical comments thrown in on occasion. With the aim of this blog to achieve positive change through pro-active suggestion, (rather than to profit anyone, including the author), it may be appropriate to engage in some trumpet blowing through a look at how effective and/or accurate my ramblings have been to date:


  1. A government that trusts the people has been elected, and whilst not everyone will agree with all they are doing, the coalition have begun to undo a state of affairs that was very close to turning the United Kingdom into an inescapable dystopia
  2. Roadside CCTV cameras are now being disabled across the UK starting with Swindon where I challenged (successfully) the authorities whose excuse for imposing a ridiculous speed limit was so outrageous, you would not believe it – and now my home city Oxford has switched them all off too. Co-incidence?
  3. As suggested here over a year ago, Apple are gently merging OX and iOS. Watch what happens over the next 6-8 months – and start saving for your 21″ ‘iMac Touch’.
  4. Some (not all) rediculous health and safety laws are being repealed. Sadly, there are still more examples that stink of an accident lawyer/corporate controlled nation that is doing all it can to ensure our kids get fat and therefore rely upon a lifetime supply of insulin to remain alive – quite a lucrative industry we humans are!
  5. The DNA database is being repealed, although it has NOT been abandoned altogether. Related, the UK’s nasty ‘ContactPoint’ database of children is being switched off.
  6. ‘Lean over your electronic workspace because it is ergonomically more comfortable’ based productivity has been adopted enthusiastically by the success of the iPad – one is being used to type this (from a train). The form factor of the future is projected to sell 100 million units by 2012
  7. 3D in movies and TV was predicted on this blog to fail long term, and many agree. (The fact manufacturers are forcing it on us does not mean it is a viable technology.) This blog predicted that proper hologram like 3D is the way forward – and the Japanese are working on it! Imagine sitting around your coffee table watching a Holovision football game, tickling the players with your finger! “Hey. Roonie, get on ya!”
  8. Banks are being encouraged to support small business, a great way to create employment and future tax revenue (Midland Bank kick started my employer – thanks Mr. Olive!)
  9. Lazy hypercondriacs are being forced into work with a massive overhaul of the welfare system


  1. I thought it would be wise fort RIM (BlackBerry) to buy Palm to get their hands on WebOS and makeover the Blackberry’s lacklustre GUI. I believe their choice not to will prove damaging to RIM. Let’s see what HP do.
  2. The UK weather, like in several other countries, is becoming more tropical. That is, warm and moist with heavier rainfall – as predicted by scientists quite a while back. This blog predicted that Britons that didn’t like this change (if temperatures became unbarable) would emigrate to cooler climes. Problem is, things are warming up everywhere, so we will probably stay where we are and become a warm weather society! Siesta anyone?

Sadly, despite a swing to the positive recently, large corporations that have so much money they are able to bend the law, blackmail and distort the truth – and get away with it – still have too much power. And that is having devastating effects across the world. So, there is now going to be a race/war? between well meaning visionary industrialists to create a more pleasant sustainable future, and old school corporations that fail to adapt because they just don’t get it and/or just don’t care.

Fight back club: Dig deep*, smell the coffee – react accordingly.

*For information, not oil!


Written by Oflife

August 1, 2010 at 7:38 pm

Posted in Prediction

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