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…why is crap like this and this still going on? (And how about this massive invasion of privacy!) Thought you guys were going to bring an end to our move towards a guilty until proven innocent repressive state flooded with jobsworths out to entrap people?

And on the subject of The Daily Mail (which I rarely read or quote), why is it that people use the term ‘Daily Mail readers’ with contempt? I don’t read it specially (I browse ALL papers online or in print if there’s one laying around), but if the paper is doing it’s job of defending common sense and democracy, what’s not to like, other than the trashy voyeuristic celeb tosh in the right column? Or is our population slowly becoming indoctrinated into favouring an authoritarian way of existence? And if so, life will become devoid of love and sincerity by about 2015. Nice!

Fight back club: Protest.


Written by Oflife

July 8, 2010 at 12:58 am

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