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As anyone visiting this blog will have noticed, it favours honor based liberty, but is (aggressively) opposed to and looks forward to the end of corporate influence over democracy with all the maleficence this leads to. So it is very frustrating to have no time for liberals who history and tangible evidence will prove cause as much harm as dirty industry.

Recently, (thankfully), the coalition have announced or suggested one or two policies that have not gone down to well with the left. One is that job seekers should be paid to move closer to work. First of all, throughout history (and this includes my own family and I), people have moved or migrated in order to look for or obtain work. And as far as I know, no one got paid to do it by HM Gov! It was just common sense and part of what is being a life form on planet Earth. You bloody well get up off your feet and look for your food! Why on Earth should anyone else provide it if you are otherwise just sitting around and in full working order? (Helping those who help themselves is another matter of course.)

Secondly, the coalition has announced a reduction in benefits payments. Shockingly, I am embarassed to say, I was unaware such payments were made to so many people until recently. Single women with children paid money, whilst married couples struggle? Hang on, if family values were encouraged instead of being trashed by the left, the father would work and mum would not need such handouts, or a smaller amount. And that leads to lower taxes. So how dare the left complain at the VAT rise that is a tax on spending money, when such a VAT rise is to pay off huge debts caused by their piling money into the welfare state rather than investing in businesses and apprentiships that would give people the educated power to help themselves. Etc.

The appalling state of this country in the 1970s (prior to Mrs. Thatcher’s arrival on the scene) is very clear in my memory. Constant strikes and power cuts caused because the backwards thinking unions limited the potential of their employers to modify their business. (Unions have an honorable purpose, to maintain decent working conditions and human rights, so are a force for good, but failing to take a common sense approach to the needs of a business has been historically proven to backfire. That said, employers should pay their staff decently if the job is done well.)

Ok, this is getting a bit long and windy, so I’ll cut it short, but those marxists left over from the 1997-2010 illusion need to face the facts, go live in Russia for at least 2 years, and then come back here. There is a reason they drink so much Vodka over there and have appalling life expectancy – no hope!

It sounds very patronising and elitist to say so, but the truth is, the liberals are just not intelligent enough to get it. And worse, they carry a chip on their shoulder, so are in no fit state to govern. They think that being nice to people by providing for them will improve society. Well, go live near ANY projects or other area with a ‘community’ centre, and you’ll learn pretty quickly that such areas remain rampant with drugs, cheap drink, crime and a general medieval status quo that by the nature of the concept, will remain that way forever. But go visit a well ‘policed’ housing estate or country village where mixed class employment powers the community, and you will find an almost utopian way of life.

I won’t defend all that the coalition are up to (closing police stations and courts will threaten all of us during what are soon to be tough times), but they do ‘get it’ and are putting responsibility over misdirected compassion.

Fight back club: Never sit down.

(To save time, from today Vision Aforethought won’t be using boldface in hyperlinks –  so finicky aestheticists may notice a subtle change in style from now on.)


Written by Oflife

June 28, 2010 at 7:02 pm

Posted in Politics, Socialism, Society

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