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BP & the shareholder dividend / pension issue

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Whilst in the US I was somewhat surprised that people owned shares in other companies due to the fact it caused all manner of conflict of interest problems with regards to business and personal relationships. More recently, I was intrigued to learn that many people here in the UK have interests in the oil industry. Like my hero Dyson, I don’t like the idea of public companies and don’t intend to own one, unless the law changes such that companies are not legally obligated to put shareholder interest ahead of social responsibility. Anyway, despite the appalling nature of the Gulf of Mexico disaster (an accident waiting to happen of course), the way BP have been stigmatised in the US is unjust for two reasons. 1) It could easily have been a US company – they have had their fair share of accidents too and continue to pollute the atmosphere around their refineries. 2) The whole industry and the public are culpable. And that brings me to the subject of this post.

Just as when a democratically elected leader commits wrong and therefore his or her electorate suffer the consequences of their actions, so, we the public deserve to share in the financial consequences of disasters caused by polluting industries. Most of those earning dividends or pensions based on interests in BP are most likely drivers, consume plastics and know full well from ‘reading the papers’ just how harmful the whole business is to the individual and environment.

So, the time has come for a collective punishment (towards the lot of us!) and a long term change in lifestyle. It won’t kill anyone, but will offer superb business and social opportunities for the future.

Many of the businesses that will create (and are creating!) the energy generation technologies of the future need our support. Sadly, they receive little public prominence and so are being listed on a forthcoming ecologically focused for profit web destination under development by my employer. This posting was not made to promote that, but alas there is no other online directory of sustainable technology companies. Said web destination uses 100% solar powered servers. 🙂

Fight back club: Live sustainably.

To be notified when said new venture goes live, leave a comment or follow @lifemachine.


Written by Oflife

June 11, 2010 at 1:26 pm

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