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Do you know what is the most difficult aspect of life? Lacking confidence in your gut feeling beliefs. One can be so blinded by BS, money or simple ignorance that it takes a ‘catastrophic’ event (‘9/11’ moment) to awake one from a slumber or convince one of a truth.

Every day in both solicited and un-solicited conversation, it becomes apparent that a worrying number of people are unaware or don’t care about certain fairly important issues, whilst other lesser matters detract attention.

Today, we have two examples that should concern everyone across the globe who have the privilidge to consider them:

  1. The aforementioned disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.
  2. In an example of the most despicable, dishonest and manipulative exploitation of tragedy, yesterday the current British government used a single rare example to make the case for increased CCTV surveillance and the continued collection of human DNA. (I consider both these issues significantly more serious than ANY other threat to humanity – and am prepared to defend that opinion to the hilt.)

The problem is those of us who are concerned about all this feel like we are in a minority or that no one cares. Who is there to talk to for support? Where are the action groups? Why are people not protesting in the streets? Why is the media focusing on silly slipups while Rome burns?

Fight back club: Wake up and protest, en masse.

The irony of it all, the oil companies are generally capitalist, whilst the current UK government is full of Marxist sympathisers who are exploiting the errors of a minority – bankers. Thing is, there’s little difference. Both have way too much power and use that power to repress opposition or enlightened concepts. If anyone believes CCTV is designed to stop a hoodie robbing a granny, they are delusional. The crims wear hoodies for a reason! And if anyone believes the greenwash out of the oil (and other) corporations, they are being hood(ie) winked too.


Written by Oflife

April 29, 2010 at 12:26 pm

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