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Then read this, all the way to the end.

Compare to what happens if you own a pet shop and sell a fish to a 12 year old. (£1000 fine and a number of other Stalinist repercussions.) Use Google to research that one.

People, there is an election in May, so choose wisely – and hope whoever replaces the current lot will MONITOR situations like this and deal with them immediately! (Arrest, try and jail the criminals, install some new police who have not been put through ‘PC’ school – no pun intended.)

Fight back club: Vote

What is worrying is that the alternatives to the current government are possibly going to be just as liberal. A true dystopia is where serious crime is part of life, but minor offenses (cigarette butt dropping) are punished severely. Only those who are intellectually and financially sound are threatened by the state, initially financially, and then physically. It has happened before.

Update: Justice and common sense prevails! I wonder if this would have happened if there wasn’t an election next month?


Written by Oflife

April 12, 2010 at 3:53 pm

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