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Windows Phone 7 Series – NOT targeting iPhone!

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Microsoft have made some good moves with WP7 – a standardised feature set, a fairly intuitive and finger friendly GUI and some obvious, but to date ignored, innovation, such as the ability to play the same game across devices and continue where left off. IE, be playing on an XBOX 360 at home and then continue on the bus with your phone. Why didn’t anyone else do that already? With Apple, you have to buy one app for your iPhone, another for your iPad and then another for your Mac. That is what scaleable graphics is for.

Anyway, the point of this post is that MS are not targeting the iPhone, they are going for Android and disillusioned Android developers who have to design for a mass of devices of differing form factors and specifications.

I have always believed (and previously blogged) that the success of Microsoft is based on the errors of or failure to repeat innovate by their competitors. Netscape are the greatest example of this. MS have of course also been fairly sneaky, such as by totally trashing the concept of the ‘network computer’ (IE, cloud computing) before they were ready – and now committing the future of the company to it. Along the way, they destroyed Java and Sun Microsystems, who offered the future over 10 years ago. Nasty world. Now only Google are left to save Java with Android. (Apple appear to be moving to the app model that ignores Java, even if their desktop browser supports it.)

Fight back club: Buy what works for you.

Let battle commence…


Written by Oflife

March 16, 2010 at 12:01 am

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