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£220 for over filled wheelie bin, £200 for violence

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You want to know how seriously out of control the UK is today? Take a look at this. No, not just the two crimes (which are of course awful), but the punishment for the original attack. The ‘fine’ is lesser than those for flawed wheelie bin management and many other ‘crimes’ by hard working honest people. Oh, and today, I had just overtaken a VERY slow vehicle (<15mph) and then accelerating to drive up a very steep hill – and low and behold, TWO traffic policemen with a radar gun to catch drivers accelerating up the hill in a 30MPH zone that was until a few months ago a 40MPH zone and that suddenly switches to a 50MPH zone. You see Dear Reader, the laws of this country are not about justice at all, they are about entrapment and profit. The area where this speed trap is has no history of accidents or poor driving – but it is frequented by sensible middle class working people who have more money than genuine criminals so HM Gov and the local authorities have chosen to fatten their coffers by entrapping them. Yes, really. And you can be assured, when the fine arrives in the post, I will not only refuse to pay it, but I will be including a very lucid letter linked to this blog.

Now here is the big question, if the current government is evicted in the election, will their successor withdraw / overturn all these unbelievable laws – or will the status quo remain?

Fight back club: Sadly, running out of ideas, energy and hope at this juncture. But it would be nice to setup a fund and/or support group for those who suffer the emotional or financial consequences of all this. People need support, else they fall into despair.

By the way, I blame women and/or ultra liberals in government and places of leadership for this and most of the related non technical topics discussed within this blog. These people are not where they are through values or hard work, but because politically correct systems meant they were put into such postions to fullfil quotas. Ridiculous, as is ANY other system that puts PC values over abilities and character! With the exception of Mrs. Thatcher & Joanna Lumley, the weak, irrational and massively unethical women / former laddettes in positions of power today are destroying this country. And yes, I welcome a blast of comments that question this observation. Update: A few hours after posting this, I was chatting with someone who expressed the very same sentiment. Well I never!


Written by Oflife

March 15, 2010 at 10:47 pm

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