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Everything is just dandy in the UK

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Exhibit 276 of unknown. Meanwhile (physically) powerless PCOs etc are out issuing fixed penalties for offences of significantly less severity. Under the rule and value system of previous British leaders, these youngsters would have been under the leash of a father and/or be doing an apprenticeship at college in conjunction with a local employer. If you find life interesting and respect your mentor, then you are not really that likely to get bored or murder someone three times your age.

The current situation in this country is tragic and the government of the last decade and certain television producers aught to be ashamed and are directly responsible.

This image was used exactly* one year ago within Vision Aforethought – at that time to provide a warning of what has now transpired

Fight back club: Vote – and ensure that the term ‘compromise’ is not in the manifesto of your preferred choice.

*An unfortunate coincidence. I only realised I had used a painting of the Titanic in March 2009 when searching the blog to locate the image for re-use.


Written by Oflife

March 11, 2010 at 3:23 pm

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