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Common mobile app standard

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Once again an industry consortium has announced an idea that was in fact proposed quite a while back. In this case, it was Java, from Sun Microsystems – back in the 1990s. Write once, run anywhere – across multiple devices. Furthermore, Android from Google is based on Java and once their app store is perfected, so Android will begin to obtain a decent percentage of the market. The issue here is that more innovative companies see ‘standards’ like this as limiting their competitiveness. The real reason the industry is doing this is to counter the success of Apple’s app store and because more and more mobile operating systems are being announced, such as Bada from Samsung. In order for these apps to run across multiple platforms, the devices will need to conform to a minimum specification, and ideally, possess a similar user interface. This was tried in the 1980s with the Japanese MSX home computing standard. It didn’t work. The solution to all this is that those companies that produce credible OS’s put more effort into perfecting their app stores and offer fair licensing agreements.

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Written by Oflife

February 15, 2010 at 12:23 pm

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