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We really really (really!) do need a new Mrs. Thatcher to reverse many of the laws and social changes covered in and below this headline article in The Times.

It all started with the election of the current government who in what was a massive betrayal of conservative working class values, destroyed dignity, common sense and trust – simultaneously – all made worse by the awful celebrity and reality TV culture that preaches all the wrong values. The behaviour of the previous Prime Minister, jet setting around the world being paid huge sums is an embarrassing violation of the humble values and incentives that go with public leadership – and discredits any policy motives. How many times have you seen any of our recently elected or non elected leaders visiting factories to motivate workers and encourage entrepreneurship? – As Mrs. Thatcher did on countless occasions. Today, our leaders are in it for their egos, money and/or because they have a chip on their shoulders.

Each and every repressive nation throughout history has become that way due to flaws in the personality of the leaders. And that has often lead to war, tragedy and/or an almost permanent state of dystopia for the population. Or one followed by the other.

Fight back club: Consider who you know that would make a good British leader who is likely to click the national [UNDO] button and suggest they run for PM.

Don’t forget reader(s), I base every opinion on this blog on real world experience and observation, not what I read elsewhere. (Any links are to validate a point.) Just as one can look out of the window or ask friends to check the weather, so too one can monitor social change through experience and dailogue. There is much to celebrate in the UK, some service industries (restaurants in particular) offer far better choice and quality than decades ago, transport and cities are much cleaner and society is less prejudiced.


Written by Oflife

February 9, 2010 at 12:38 am

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  1. Being born in 1985, I don’t really remember much of the Thatcher era. Although everyone I’ve ever known has always spoken negatively about it (other than you, and maybe one or two others), so I can’t comment on that one.

    What I would like to highlight from your post is that we do indeed need and have recently lost (as a society):
    * Dignity
    * Common sense
    * Trust

    We could also do with bringing back such things as:
    * Chivalry
    * Uprightness
    * Solidarity

    Hopefully this will be through:
    * Openness
    * Democracy
    * Working together
    * Being accepting

    As you know, Alex, I am a Centrist Liberal Democrat supporter, and so I would highly recommend voting for Nick Clegg and the Yellow team πŸ™‚

    David Cameron does seem like a good option, however, I worry that he wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure from the older members of the Blue team. I also worry, extremely about the alliances they have with other European Conservative Parties (some of which seem quite ultra-nationalistic).

    Any further thoughts on what I’ve just said? (I’m curious)

    Daniel Lewis

    February 9, 2010 at 10:35 am

  2. Hi Daniel. I reply in turn. πŸ™‚
    1. Like any leader, Mrs. Thatcher was divisive. However, what she did proved worthwhile long term and is in fact responsible for most of the positive characteristics of Britain today. She bought an end to obsolete industries and concepts that until then, had meant that Britain had been effectively stuck in the middle ages. I lived through union driven power failures, rubbish strikes, poor (private sector) service and more. She introduced the concept of personal responsibility and also gave dignity to the working class by allowing them to purchase their council homes. The only people who hated her where the lazy, because she had no time for such people and appeared ruthless. And she was.
    2. The majority of people who dislike Mrs. Thatcher are today’s young. Why? Because the BBC and other leftist entities have discredited her. Immensely cowardly considering her age and the immense respect she received from people across the world. Unlike more contemporary leaders, she has not sold out by being paid Β£100,000 to go speak to special interests. (TB!)
    3. Ironically, I have no interest in politics. I know little about the Lib Dems, but shall try to make time to learn more so I am primed for the forthcoming election! πŸ™‚
    4. I agree with most of your points. My worries are more related to the issues covered in the Towards Dystopia section of Vision Aforethought. (IE, the creation of a repressive nation, but in such a manner that people get used to it so don’t resist it.) I am also concerned about big business undermining human rights and democracy.

    Alex B

    February 9, 2010 at 11:02 am

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