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Apple iPad initial comments

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Being my employer has toyed with the idea of creating a ‘tablet’ like device since before the Mac was even developed, I shall simply critique the iPad, rather than say what I think it should be like. All said, I did provide my own drawing of what I hoped Apple would create in an August 2009 posting.


  • It is, as we all expected, sexy as sexy can be.
  • From the demo video, the software is smooth as silk
  • The battery life is 3 hours more than most expected (being MacBooks now offer 7 hours)
  • Bezel size is not a flaw – although initially it seemed hideous. If you pickup a regular book, you’ll notice that you sometimes need the margin around the text to hold or flip a page. With the iPad, due to it’s slim form factor, the bezel will deter your fingers from blocking the screen. Now that is Apple thinking ahead and putting form OVER function. Nice!
  • Once it is equipped with LTE wireless (3G just not fast enough, sorry!), iPad will be a fantastic cloud computing device. RIP: CrunchPad / JooJoo.
  • The games will be awesome – based on those already on the iPod Touch/iPhone
  • Folding case is clever
  • The price is reasonable – and let’s hope it’s £350 in the UK, not £500. UPDATE: According to the Daily Telegraph, it is £309 – now that is a steal! (Of course, you’ll quickly spend more on the content.)


  • Total lack of innovation! A massive let down really.
  • A mechanical dock. Why no MagSafe?
  • Why not a second dock for docking in landscape orientation to watch movies?
  • No (mini Display Port) video out, so I could have put our MacBook up for sale and used iPad as only computer by hooking it up to a large screen monitor at my desk? (But of course, Apple don’t want to knoble sales of other products. Grrr.)
  • No multitasking, so moving content around will require the cloud (as per the iPhone/iPod Touch). Long term, that IS the future of computing, but not until our devices are ALWAYS connected to teh interwebs via 4G/LTE. Capiche? (Incidentally, lack of multi-tasking on the iPhone is only a pain when listening to Internet radio. The 3rd party Internet radio apps cannot run in the background, unlike Apple’s own iPod function.)
  • Why such a low DPI screen? iPhone is 160, our eyes like 200-300 DPI for reading fine text. So, eBooks may strain the eyes for extended reading – in particular on a light emitting display. (Those with ADD will be just fine – one para at a time. Gently does it!)
  • Lack of SD card slot and/or USB port is a massive let down for photographers for a device with such a nice screen.
  • No camera on either side. It would have been such a great device for parents and grandparents to use to video conference with their kids.
  • Missing 3G (or even 4G) by default. This was a super opportunity for Apple to be the first to introduce LTE – perfect for a media device.
  • Why do iPhone apps/games have to be scaled up through pixel doubling? They should scale using VECTOR graphics and that should have been considered from day one!
  • No stylus operation (yet to be confirmed) limits the ability for artists to use it in the creation of media


  • I shall call you… iPod Touch HD! (Mr. Bigglesworth, come to daddy.)
  • iPad validates my comment about a year ago that Apple should (yes really!) phase out OS X and make a massive leap into the inevitable future by scaling UP the excellent iPhone OS. Why? Because it makes doing things intuitive, efficient and fun.
  • Apple have done what they do best – using a sensual piece of technology to lock you into a world that makes the creation, importing and sharing of information difficult and expensive. The Sony Ericsson K800i phone of 5 years ago had more open file transfer capabilities – like most such phones. One could Bluetooth photos from the camera direct to a MacBook or other BlueTooth equipped computer. Same with all other content – and in both directions!
  • The original iPhone was significantly more useful and innovative than the iPad.
  • As I worried would be the case, iPad is a media consumption device designed to profit Apple and their partners. I think this very sad. A more open architecture would benefit more people and inspire USER creativity – what Apple were initially all about.
  • No matter my opinion, the iPad will probably sell well and I confess that having one sitting on the desk as a dedicated web & media browsing/playback device is very appealing. However, the fact I can put my iPhone in my pocket – and do all the iPad can do on it – is a major plus for the iPhone value proposition.
  • iPad is like Apple TV and iPhone 2G, an experiment – of which the latter succeeded. Apple will make it better – and by 2011, we’ll have a wrinkle free 27″ version. iLovely jubbly.

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January 27, 2010 at 11:08 pm

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