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Sorry to be boring and move away from technology and dystopian alerts, but the political upset in the US of the last 12 hours should remind people that America is about the individual, not the state.

A lot of people, in particular minorities, assumed that because a President who was left leaning and not white was elected, their lives would improve all of a sudden – or at the very least – within a year or so.

But why should that happen exactly, beyond for inspirational* reasons? America is the most politically correct hate free society on Earth, where opportunity comes to those who take it thanks to a society based on karma. It may be perceived as full of red necks and dimwhits, but you rarely hear people in the US putting each other down or insulting a race, religion or nation based on the physical or other characteristics of the individual. (Celeb gossip rags and humorous jibes at the French aside. 😉 )

There is no other nation that makes it so easy to do your own thing and be rewarded for it if you are willing to put in the time and effort. Who is President should have nothing to do with your chances if the law provides a level playing field and there are tax incentives.

Made (possible) in America
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The significance of Obama’s victory had little to do with his political ideals, it was the fact that a minority became President proved that the American system works. If you maintain dignity, ignore detractors and dubious hangers on, work hard and stick to your principles, then you have a greater chance of providing for yourself and the nation. (The latter through invention/effort, taxes and community work.)

To quote…

“The harder you work, the luckier you get.”
– Gary Player

And to poo poo the most over used worthless word ever…

‘Hope’ is like putting air in a fuel tank. You can say it and you can breath it, but it won’t get you anywhere!”
– Me

Fight back club: What are you waiting for?

*Obama has handled his campaign and Presidency with dignity and should be commended for it. He is an excellent role model, and like our Queen, inspiration is enough for those with a plan. For those without the means, a small business loan or uncle should suffice. (What you mean you don’t have a small uncle?!)


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January 20, 2010 at 1:16 pm

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