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This article in The Independent is essential reading for anyone concerned at the collapse of freedom, common sense and trust in this country. The irony is that the aforementioned newspaper (that is not what it once was) is responsible in part for the very issues it is hereby highlighting.

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I have a strict rule of not publishing a view unless feeling it to be valid, after all, with electronic media, word spreads fast and it is difficult to retract an error once it moves beyond the confines of ones own place in cyberspace. The subject of this posting is more serious than any other covered within this blog simply because we are on a slippery slope towards a permanent living boring stressful meaningless hell that few will have the strength or means to escape. In the past, the British persona has oft waited until the last moment to wake up, smell the coffee and deter the shackles of evil. The problem today is we are unarmed and monitored 24/7 by people with an unjustified chip on their shoulder. Very very dangerous, surely?


Written by Oflife

January 17, 2010 at 6:24 pm

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