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H.G. Wells, another frighteningly visionary author

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Why are people complaining about the weather? The scenery is beautiful, the air is crisp, clean and good for you – and it’s great for fun winter sports. And why are people avoiding their responsibilities to go to school, turn up at work or carry out their civic duties? (I have just walked for one hour on pack ice, and it’s perfectly safe. We have evolved to walk on snow and ice, we are animals goddammit!)

I tell you why, because as covered in this blog left right and centre, with the introduction of appalling trash TV and celebrity culture over the last decade or so, a whole generation of people (approx 1/3 of the nation) has been ruined – and they don’t even know it. Few give a damn and are always victims. Just yesterday on a BBC radio station, a headmistress (whose appalling use of English was a reflection of her own lack of intelligence / education – the irony!) was defending the right for schools to close. One of her arguments? Parents had threatened to sue if their children got wet in any snowball fights. Huh? So we have useless parents who are worried about their child getting wet and cold in an activity that is healthy, fun and character building and a head mistress who is scared of parents? Who is the authority figure here? Why is the socialist government intentionally breading a whole nation of Eloi? (Those who get what is going on will not need me to explain why this is being allowed to happen and where it is all headed.)

Snowball fight back club: It may sound mad, but we need to be invaded by a nation whose values and common sense has not yet been fully eroded. Norway? Australia?! Name your last bastion of hope! And of course, grab a shovel, clear the pavements and tell the personal injury lawyers where to go.

Perfectly safe in the hands of an intelligent species
(Oxford 7 Jan 2010)


Written by Oflife

January 7, 2010 at 12:56 pm

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