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Re Copenhagen ‘agreement’

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During my high school education we were repeatedly informed by our science teachers that just a 1 degree rise in the average global temperature would be catastrophic. So what’s the meaning of this? One is left to assume that the delegates have concluded – perhaps behind closed doors – that there’s nothing we can do. So while we may have to put up with climate change, we should definately reduce pollution by mass producing alternative methods of generating energy. A few cities to visit to experience almost permanent pollution first hand: Hong Kong, Cairo and one I drove past several times in Northern California during the 1990s, whose name escapes me for now. (An eye opening experience that was an unexpected introduction to environmental ‘racism’ if that’s the correct term. That is, fairly poor people – mainly immigrants – living right next to a factory or refinery that dumps filthy and harmful substances into the air or rivers nearby. Very common in China of course. Life expectancy in such areas is way below average.)

Fight back club: No matter what the politicians do at these conferences, reduce your use of oil and follow developments in solar energy. Look up – not down!

Yes, ironically, pollution (volcanic and man made) can actually cool the atmosphere, but eventually green house gases are trapped, raising the temperature. Whatever, pollution is not good for life on Earth, so no harm done in reducing it. Hmm?


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December 19, 2009 at 12:38 pm

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