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UK snow panic

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I recall whilst living in California an incident whereby at least 10 staff fainted at a Los Angeles hospital, almost simultaneously. The assumption was that a virus had struck. But there was no evidence of this and an investigation concluded it was mass hysteria.

In the 1970s and 80s, to wake up to a covering of snow was almost always a surprise. We didn’t have the radio or TV providing warnings with the same sense of urgency as if an asteroid was headed towards us. We would enthusiastically hope for snow, get the sledge down from the attic and hit the nearest hillside. We made it to school by foot or by car. Our parents could drive from A to B and knew to drive in a low gear to avoid spinning the wheels. (We used snow chains if it was very deep.)

Today, 20cm (ooooh! 20cm! Terrifying!) is bringing the country to a standstill while the rediculous health and safety laws mean that school children are missing out on their education.

Where are the government advisories today informing people how to drive safely on frozen roads for those who are too young to have learned to drive in such conditions before?

Here is another example, parents are being asked not to give their children alchohol. Hang on, British middle class familes (and a large proportion of continental parents, in particular French) offer their youngsers a small drop of wine at their long drawn out meals. And all of this with no catastrophic consequences for such youth later in their lives. It won’t be long before social services are given the powers to (somehow) monitor and report any parents caught with evidence that they may offer their children a glass during dinner. Let’s see, how would this be achieved? A checkout girl at your local supermarket sees a parent or guardian with a child buying a bottle or two of wine? (With children being encourage and paid to spy on their neighbours for other breaches of the law, this is not as far fetched as it sounds.)

Meanwhile, the real young boozers, who come from way less diciplined and stable families will continue to drink themselves into the ground to the cost of society and their long suffering families.

Fight back club: Pay snow attention to the media and go about your day, carefully. W(h)ine and dine, but the government should perhaps consider that unemployment and their love of the shallow high pressure celebrity lifestyle may have a lot to do with the rise in alcoholism. Pressure is what drives people to a crutch!


Written by Oflife

December 18, 2009 at 3:22 pm

Posted in Socialism, Society

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