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Who needs the telcos?

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In 1992, from Palo Alto, I wrote a letter to everyone I know expressing my efforts to create or at least ensure that one day, communications, like air and (tap) water, would be free. Based on P2P wireless technology and advertising sponsored communications I had ideas on how to achieve this. While no evidence exists, it is possible that the forthcoming NEXUS 1 from Google is the first step in this revolutionary, paradigm shifting consumer liberating how it should have been in the first place process. (All said, the iPod Touch – equipped with a microphone, could conceptually also become a P2P wireless device – as could many other wireless gadgets equipped with suitable firmware.)

Fight back club: If it’s the real Mcoy, buy a NEXUS and bring the dasterdly networks to their knees, so humankind can progress at full throttle. Way to Go-ogle!

Actual 1992 letter to follow when I have a mo’ to locate and convert the original Altsys Freehand or Quark file.


Written by Oflife

December 16, 2009 at 10:23 pm

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