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Fascist nation we have become

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Says it all. I do recall family members telling me how when visiting dictatorships (such as Romania) in the 70s and 80s they would be approached and threatened by police or soldiers while taking photos. As per the Towards Dystopia section of this blog, it is unbelievable to think this is happening here today. As in WW2 Germany and KGB Russia, it was the young (such as these British PCOs and police) who were so indoctrinated and full of a sense of power that they did not comprehend the nature of or see fault in their behavior. I hope this Italian will show her disgust and not only refuse to pay the contribution to our bankrupt nation in the form of the ‘fixed penalty’, but depart forthwith and tell all her friends never to return and spend their money here. I am so embarassed to be British!

Ironic that the government are allowed to monitor us with the increasing number of CCTV cameras. And no doubt, these new reduced speed limits are designed as an excuse to install yet more cameras and entrap good sensible middle class drivers who have been used to a specific speed limit for decades – providing the government a nice little earner. It should be noted that the horrific accidents that occur once in a while where several young people are killed when losing control of their vehicle are caused because the driver is either drunk or distracted while talking to his or her friends in the back seat. Only a police speed trap will stop that, not cameras!

Fight back club: Leave.

Why does the government keep focusing on matters that are not really pertinent on the grand scale of things? (In their defence, the swine flu crisis was handled well.) They have not insisted or encouraged the bailed out banks to invest in businesses who in turn will train and employ the increasing numbers of unemployed youth who once employed would pay taxes, reducing the need for the government to obtain it’s revenue from all these fixed penalty notices that are in turn imposing stress and inconvenience on many good people.


Written by Oflife

December 16, 2009 at 9:59 am

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