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As per my posting a while back re the credit crunch, the situation in Dubai is like many other problems with consumers and businesses today, not just due to any flaws with capitalism, the banks or much else, but simply a culling of questionable concepts accelerated when people are forced to make more rational decisions. The architecture and vision for these futuristic cities in Dubai is well meaning and exciting, but was doomed from the start for one simple reason: You cannot create a sense of community out of thin air! It has to evolve. If these cities had instead been created as short term vacaction spots (like Club Med) or villas for the rich to zip off to every year, that would probably work. But no matter how wealthy, few will go live there – no matter the price! And if they do, they will soon return ‘home’. People emigrate to destinations like Spain because other than the weather, there is a decades if not centuries old culture and community. Somewhere to walk and explore. Interesting people to chat to at the cafe. Paris wasn’t built in a day.

The future of humanity (as covered here on the middle classes) will probably need to be based on the way of life experienced in or on the boundaries of the countryside in middle class England and close to or even on the sea. Summary: Spacious homes & gardens for the kids to play and grow healthy in, sustainable architecture & energy, walk/bike ways, wireless broadband, natural building materials, symbiotic relationship with nature and various cultures. It works!

Fight back club: Turn Dubai into a sporting holiday destination. Club Med: Strike while the iron is hot!


Written by Oflife

November 27, 2009 at 11:24 am

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