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Google Chrome OS

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Here’s hoping the 17 of you out there somewhere who attended SVASE (Mountain View, 1996) where I introduced the concept of the browser as the OS will sense a slight case of déja vu after reading about today’s announcement from Google. Amusing to watch the video where Google explain Chrome OS. It is brilliantly done – but not original.

No matter, the key is going to be offering services and products that deliver solutions – because it is not the technology or paradigm that counts, but how it makes your life easier than in the past. Else, what is the point?

I am a massive fan of Google and despite being slightly hacked off at not having been born on the right side of the Atlantic to have the resources to have been the first to develop a network centric OS (my lifelong dream), if anyone is going to provide the infrastructure for the widespread adoption of robust cloud computing, Google will be the one. Why? Because they were founded by and hire extremely clever people. And these people possess a nurtured value system radically different than companies of the past who quite simply don’t get it.

Where ‘it’ = holistics.

Fight back club: Get it.


Written by Oflife

November 19, 2009 at 11:16 pm

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