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As they continue to dumb down and project a self serving reality distortion field to our youth, the government of the UK are to replace key subjects from the educational curriculum with subjects that young are not wise enough to comprehend or ‘use’. For example, history and geography are to be replaced with blogging, ‘Google Earth’ and ‘in’ subjects like global warming. Thing is, to blog, as I do here, one has to be educated or interested in a subject. Opinions are formed from ones knowledge of such subjects, including history and science. While the validity of global warming / climate change is for discussion, if our government are to ‘force’ the young to believe it is real, rather than allow them to come to their own conclusions based on the aforementioned knowledge, then pupils may become brainwashed and in turn this will allow the government to tax us unnecessarily based on fear rather than good science.
This discredits good causes (such as climate change research) and betrays our young who should not be manipulated for political ends.
It is against the policy of this blog to make personal attacks, but the individual currently in charge of our education system is not intellectually suited to his position – a disgrace to the nation and an example of the ongoing politically correct nature of the Labor and Conservative party MP selection process. (It was shocking to hear Cameron – our last hope as a country – state he wants more women in his cabinet. Why not hire based on ability?)
PC attitudes are dilusional and replace truth and common sense with a me first egotistica victim mentality incentive to become involved in an organisation. And having lived in several cities where such policies exist, I can state without any reservation that it doesn’t work. Mrs Thatcher faced considerable opposition in her fight for the conservative leadership. She didn’t get in because she was a woman, she got in because she was a conviction politition.

And why is all this important and coming from an information technology guy who believes politics is a way to achieve nothing slowly? Because I am grateful to have been given an unbiased science and geography based education that provided a foundation for life. Priceless.

Fight back club: Write to your MP.


Written by Oflife

November 19, 2009 at 8:55 pm

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