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Seconds after having an Apple rave, am forced to draw your attention to this – no surprise considering the values of the current administration here in the rapidly disintegrating UK. From what I recall, history has proven on countless occasions that getting away with petty crime leads to more serious offenses. So if you strictly deter or punish the lesser crime, you may prevent the more serious (such as auto theft or murder) from ever happening in the first place!

Common sense really – but we’re almost running on empty with regards to that.

Fight back club: Keep calm, but do not carry on. Vote the right way at the next election.

I know, it’s just as mad in the USA – where celeb crims are distracting the media and authorities from more pertinent matters.

Am very very busy with work, and regret ‘wasting’ time on this blog, but I do believe the non technical issues covered herein to be exceptionally worrying, else I would not take time out. I do believe things are falling apart globally to such an extent that there will be a form of street level revolution soon. Not sure where, not sure when, but it is almost inevitable. A ‘for profit’ evil is permeating it’s way up the food chain of leadership around the world – and with technology and weaponry becoming more flexible and available – our very freedom to live a relaxed common sense based lifestyle could be threatened – possibly for a great deal of time. This is no science fiction novel or a depressed ramble. History books tell how there were periods in the lives of prior civilizations where people were born into, lived and died within a way of life that was almost permanently repressive – and this went on for hundreds of years. It could happen again – with technology the great overlord.

Most ‘concerning’, to quote a foreign colleague.


Written by Oflife

October 20, 2009 at 12:05 am

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