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Holger Bech Nielsen & Masao Ninomiya have theorised that a higher order may be sending something from the future to the here and now to disrupt the goals of the LHC. Some have speculated that this could be to prevent a future catastrophe caused by the LHC from ever occurring.

Contradictions of disrupting the space time continuum aside, here’s a take:

If the catastrophe was that bad, (for example: TLP – Total Loss of Planet) then there will be no future entity to send said particle back in time.

If an entity is trying to put an end to the hard work of thousands of scientists, perhaps it is the ‘creator’ who does not wish the magical mystery of, uhm, ‘his’ Universe to be revealed – spoiling that element of “Wow!” and “Huh?!” we feel when confronted by something we do not understand.

Using a magician as an analogy, seeing one live on stage or in the street performing an enthralling trick can be a mind boggling experience until you fathom it out yourself or someone explains how the illusion was achieved. At that point, there is a collective “Of course!, silly me!” and slight disappointment that it wasn’t really that clever or amazing after all, just some nifty smoke and mirrors, with a sprinkling of deception. Likewise, it may be that if and when we do find out what makes the Universe tick, we will be somewhat disappointed and/or may offend the Maker-in-Chief just as a magician will feel a loss of ego and power the second their trickery is exposed.

!!Picture of the grand magician to come soon, with witty caption!!

Quantum theology aside, the LHC is a sophisticated piece of kit and is not going to work first time.

Fight Back To The Future Club: Lay awake at night thinking about all this. So what was here before here anyway?

Link © The New York Times Company.


Written by Oflife

October 20, 2009 at 6:38 pm

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