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BBC continues our march Towards Dystopa

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For the last few years I have noticed the lack of genuinely humerous programming on television. (Take a look at And no, I don’t mean I don’t find what is supposed to be funny funny, there quite simply is nothing on television to make us laugh out loud. Where are shows to get us in stitches, in the style of Black Adder, Faulty Towers, The Two Ronnies, Spaced and more? Don’t confuse a slight giggle or snigger with a belly laugh that makes your laptop jump an inch off your thighs.

I was becoming convinced this fade to grey was for several reasons:

  1. The dumbing down of society means that fewer comedy writers are being spawned. (Humor requires that perfect mix of intellect and perception.)
  2. Politically correctness.

This article in The Daily Telegraph by Simon Heffer validates that it was 2). What really proves the massive level of duplicity by the BBC is that one of the aims of these new ‘PC’ regulations it to avoid humiliating people. Hang on! Strictly Come Dancing and other celebrity/reality tosh (yes, it’s tosh), is all about such Schadenfreude! Just like X-Factor, Dragons Den and other programming with ‘judges’, the reason people watch is to revel in seeing others being talked down to and kicked off. Hence all you see in the tabloids the next day is who has been expelled from the ‘house’ or show.

None of this has anything to do with talent, improving the state of the nation or young people. Name five genuinely popular and talented ‘acts’, businesses or other entities that you consume regularly that came out of all this garbage?




The contestants on these shows are pressured into ‘success’. Begin with an audience of X million, then work to keep that up. Sorry, true talent comes naturally over time – like that band you just listened to on Spotify, or the football player your brother worships.

Naughty but harmless – And it’s all in the best possible taste!
(And why is there a border around Kennypoos despite the fact the border tag is set to 0? Anyone?)

As per the Towards Dystopia section of this blog, this phasing out of humor is (as you sit there now) creating a society totally devoid of colour. Very much like those visionary science fiction films of the 1970s where everyone is living (despite smiles plastered on their faces by stimulants and downers) a mediocre semi automated lifestyle that exists solely to serve some large cold entity with a chip on its shoulder. And there is absolutely nothing the people can do about it for reasons already covered in countless books.

Fight back club: a) Introduce an intelligent alternative to the BBC that is also tax payer funded to ensure no one is bereft of a harty giggle. And let’s not be afraid to offer content that assumes the viewer can take a joke. b) Hit YouTube and go watch a few episodes of old shows , from Kenny Everett to Morecambe and Wise (specially 9:20 on that link) – and become wise to the art of the smart laugh.

Updateepoos: Looks like Jeremy C agrees. And thanks to @Andyy for highlighting this outrage in the heart of all PC socialist nonsense – Oxford!


Written by Oflife

October 10, 2009 at 9:44 pm

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