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Light Peak from ? > Apple > Intel

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In 1991 as part of my employers UDiS Media (Universal Digital Information Storage Media) proposal, we briefly discussed the idea for a standardised ultra high speed optical interconnect to replace all other I/O systems. Known as UNIFII, it would replace the plethora of physical connection standards that back then that were just as much of a mess as they are today.

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Although conceived in 1988, in 1991, copies of the UDiS Media proposal were sent to several leading technology companies, including Apple – cover letter dated 5th July 1991. We received replies from some of the recipients but lack of time and might on our part meant we did not follow it up. However, as this exclusive from Engadget reveals, we may have been onto something.


The UNIFII diagram from the UDiS Media proposal*
(Original higher resolution images currently unavailable)

UDiS Media and UNIFII were not really inventions that could have patented, they were idealistic concepts designed to encourage and motivate the industry for the sake of the ever suffering consumer. Therefore, after completing some work deadlines, and without the need to worry about any IP issues, I plan to publish the full UDiS Media document on my employers website.

The encouraging news is that Intel have the proven technical and industry might to develop something like Light Peak – and Apple the brevity to introduce it first. Let the paradigm shift begin – again!

*Tecnation was the prior name of my employer.


Written by Oflife

September 27, 2009 at 12:11 pm

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