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Beware the cuddle police

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Whilst in Northern California, the ridiculous politically correct and ‘protectorate’ laws that existed in some cities were so embarrassing, I began to write a short satire on the whole subject – and then left. Never in a million years did I believe that some of the idiotic laws over there would migrate and begin to strip the UK of common sense and the natural order of things.

The second I learned of the e-coli outbreak at some British petting farms, it was obvious yet another dystopian law or two would be recommended or introduced. Yet, it is this precise over clinical behaviour that has lead to people becoming so sensitive to just about anything, as understandably livid rugged humans have begun to comment here on The Times website.

For the last few decades (originating in the USA) fear inducing advertising has thrust cleaning materials of dubious consistency into the hands of housewives*, no matter the long term effects on themselves or the environment. Carcinogenic effects aside, our homes are so squeaky clean that our immune systems must be bored stiff! And now, thanks to this mass hysteria, terrified citizens will no doubt become fearful of their pets.

Do those in positions of power ever think any more? How many young children live on farms with NO ill effects!?

Fight back club: Cuddle your fluff ball and build up the resistance the natural way. And don’t let the men from the ministry stop you.

*OK, housepersons

UPDATE: Oh no, no no no! It’s already started! Visitors are going to sue the farm(s)! So they visit for many years, and then betray the very place that has provided them or their children so much pleasure over the years. That is just the sort of self serving relationship one would expect out of insular California, but not here in (formerly?) common sense driven England.  The thing is, the problem isn’t anything to do with the farms, it is the lack of exposure to every day ‘germs’ due to the way children today spend so much time indoors! So, now what will happen is the farms will go bankrupt and we’ll move even closer Towards Dystopia, with a greater rift between humanity, common sense and nature. Cameron, I hope if you win at the next election you undo all this for profit silliness before it’s too late!


Written by Oflife

September 19, 2009 at 2:14 pm

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