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Brits to pay £64 to prove they are not criminals

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I was going to write a long piece about how easy it is to become complacent in the face of true evil (in this case, our fascist bankrupt government), fortunately, the comments below The Times article make it clear how people feel about this further erosion of the trust, common sense and freedom that once comprised our nation. So I need not bother.

Exhibit A: The Times
Exhibit B: BBC News
Exhibit C: The Daily Telegraph
Exhibit D: The GuardianComments (The one by ‘LittleTyke’ is one of many that sum up the situation we are in.)

What is genuinely worrying about this, other than the climate of fear and mistrust it generates in society, is how the government is exploiting tragic but fairly rare crimes against children to turn half the nation against millions of innocent people. If the government want to crack down on crime then they need to implement the same proven tough approach as New York City did to turn that great city around over the last few decades. And that means harsh punishment for criminals after they are proven guilty. The liberal nonsense has never worked and never will.

As per the other issues covered in the Towards Dystopia and Dumb and Dumbstruck sections of this blog, these dubious laws are being introduced to entrap innocent people into parting with their money while at the same time imposing almost communist regime like control over the populace. Governments only do this when they are in fear of their own citizens and/or their leadership has serious self esteem issues. Do study the leaders of North Korea and other former and current despotic nations and notice how they mix populist behaviour with rigid control.


I took this photo at ground zero in June 2002. The messages on the flag are from the public, friends and relatives of the victims of the attacks that took place eight years ago today.
It represents trust, honour and freedom – something worth remembering this side of the Atlantic once in a while.

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Written by Oflife

September 11, 2009 at 8:41 am

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