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Watch the TV ad for the new (and quite tasty) iPod Nano 5G (video) and it is hard to deny the spot makes you want to go out and get one – now! – even if you had alternative purchasing plans. And this is what is so alluring about the company. Since they were founded and placed those ultra descriptive double page spreads for the original Macintosh in Omni and other quality glossy magazines, for Apple, it hasn’t really been just about the product, it has been the message…


…join the iParty! Or be a stay at home pooper

iFight back club: Resist the temptation. Oh, go on then!

The launch of the extra-ordinarily small original (1G) iPod Nano vindicated my belief that Apple were and are 3 to 5 years ahead of their competitors and have leapfrogged Sony in an area they used to lead the world, electronics miniaturization. So, it would be really special if Apple produced an iPhone Nano in a similar if not identical form factor to this latest iPod Nano. Of course, the lack of a keypad would make manual dialing and texting difficult (an Onion MacBook Wheel inspired scroll wheel based character entry system may suffice! No, not really!), but most people would place calls from their iTunes synced address book, a feature built into all display equipped iPods since day one. The technical reasons why this has yet to happen probably relate to battery life, energy dissipation (iHeat!) and/or reception issues associated with an all metal case. But something tells me these problems will be overcome and an iPhone Nano may just happen!

Small talk? 😉

Ad image © 2009 Apple, Inc.


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September 10, 2009 at 12:38 pm

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