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Patents, time for change

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On the same day, two separate comments that should be considered and adopted. The first from a lawyer at Microsoft proposes that patents become global. The other, from a British inventor, wants the law changed so that the theft of IP (intellectual property) be treated the same as the theft of a material item or copyright material.

Both these suggestions make sense, are fair and should be supported.  The current system puts up too many barriers to all but the cash rich corporate giant. Today, filing patents in several countries would cost a fortune and be subject to the differences in the laws of each nation – and be threatened by restrictions imposed if you want to file in one country and protect your invention in another. To replace this with a single all-in-one patent would make things easier for all parties.

Son, we’re flying on invention!

Fight back club: Governments? Do the right thing and help provide us innovators the incentive to turn more of our ideas into reality and subsequently employ people to build, sell and support them. Thank you!


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September 2, 2009 at 8:01 pm

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