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One of the most destructive forces in media history is to be canned.

The show (whose execution was an opportunity lost) has turned a whole generation of Brits into narcissistic airheads while fattening the bank accounts of plastic surgeons and manipulative media execs everywhere. All this to such an extent that the whole country has sunk so low that apart from the more enlightened types who post below the aforementioned Times story, few in power appear to grasp the station of the nation and how and why it got into such a mess.

My views on all this have been splattered across this blog feed and the Dumb and Dumbstruck or Towards Dystopia sections of Vision Aforethought for ages now, so I’ll refrain from any more pontificating.

Fight back club: Bring back honor by encouraging the next generation of youth to take an interest in science and art, with all the benefits that brings to society and their own psychological well being.

He said, she said: Marina Hyde in The Guardian


Written by Oflife

August 26, 2009 at 11:10 am

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