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UK unemployment: Bring back apprenticeships

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One or more skills is a priceless lifelong asset, therefore an apprenticeship is the perfect antidote to tough economic times. Young people still living with their parents and therefore devoid of major living expenses gain invaluable work experience, while struggling employers save on costly hirings until things improve and/or their apprentices are skilled enough to become worth something to the company.

I not only enjoyed my apprenticeship that ran in parallel with college, but it provided a skill set that was useful to my early employers and has since proven invaluable almost daily on both a personal and career level. Taking an interest in something is a proven way to earn a living and self respect – reducing the personal and social problems that can break a society.

Note the socialists posting on the BBC News website who suggest that HM gov should PAY the unemployed! Huh? When will these people learn that just as sustainable energy is good for you and the world around you, so, being a self sustaining human being offers the same benefits. Don’t take, make!

Related, this article from the Guardian attempts to imply that Mrs. Thatcher was responsible for unemployment in the 1980s. Wrong! (I know, I was there.) She took Britain out of the stone age and triggered the creation of the service and technology industries that are what powered the next boom and the brands that are surviving the current downturn because they are run by very savvy managers who get it. Mrs. T arrived in a time of mass unemployment caused by industries and unions engaged in obsolete concepts. The way she has been demonised by the BBC and others over the last few years is appalling. She had honor, was completely uncorrupted, full of common sense and significantly more intelligent than any of the current political class. Her somewhat cold persona may have been due to the fact Mrs. Thatcher was a scientist and so took a fairly rational approach to issues that others may have dealt with more compassion.

Fight back club: Bored? Disconnect from the social net, stop watching ‘reality’ TV, hit the library and teach yourself trade and professional skills – after all, who is going to build the gadgets, buildings, solar farms and space ships of the future? If you’re Mr Grumpy in Frumpton, write to your MP and suggest the government support apprenticeships. They worked here in the 1980s and work in Germany, a country teaming with technical talent and, therefore, desirable and increasingly eco friendly automobiles. Not to mention some of the most advanced solar technology in the world. So, go make it so!


Written by Oflife

August 12, 2009 at 10:27 pm

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