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With regards to this issue,  a year or so ago, I recall reading about huge greenhouses located somewhere in southern England. They are able to produce top quality fruit and veg – some of which would normally be imported. This not only guarantees a reliable food supply no matter the weather conditions outside, but reduces the carbon footprint too.

(Will add a link to the article when I get time to find it again.)

What is incredible (but not surprising, considering the types of people who enter such markets), is how bio fuels crops are being allowed, despite their dubious environmental benefits and of course, the fact they occupy land formerly used for food production.

Aeroponics technology being developed by and for space agencies to grow food in space during long journeys is already starting to produce offshoots – no pun intended! – down here on Earth. See Fight Back Club, below.

All said, most of the predictions made over the years appear to warn us that fresh water supplies will be the problem, not so much food itself.

Fight back club: Get an allotment or a Power Plant aeroponics technology mini allotment! Avoid anything powered by bio fuels, a source of energy that is, to put it bluntly, even worse than our current major source of liquid energy.

Remember folks, solar is the way forward, so if you get a Power Plant, plug it into that solar panel you purchased from Maplin.


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August 10, 2009 at 10:56 am

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