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For those youthful enough to have begun life while the digital revolution was well under way, you may not have to contend with managing and keeping track of all the physical information and objects you have created or acquired. Having originated in the age of physical and analogue stuff, a few years ago, I began the grand task of digitising and/or creating an inventory so that everything could be located or recalled on demand. (For reasons explained below*, I have deferred this digitising process, except for material required sooner.)

Anyway, while going through my notepads today, amongst all the sketches of future digital devices and other ideas, I found this…


To preserve any prior art legitimacy, once I create and date a drawing, I never alter it in the future. What you see above was drawn on the date I have written on the sketch. Although I came up with more advanced ideas even earlier – this was a surprise, I had forgotten all about it!

*A while back I conceived the idea of an intelligent camera networked to the ‘cloud’ that would use advanced image recognition technology to automatically digitise, correct (align, enhance, crop), tag and upload most of one’s physical content – photos, magazine articles, old newspapers etc – to the great big server in the sky, ready to share with anyone you choose. Having over 4000 items to digitise, and with the technology almost ready to make this possible, I have ceased manually scanning my content and will wait until HP, Microsoft, Logitech or even my employer produces such an automated system.


Written by Oflife

July 22, 2009 at 4:05 pm

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