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Although there are lots of us who write about the surveillance state, this in The Guardian by Henry Porter makes some very accurate points that are the heart of why we need to de-construct this out of control system before it is too late.

Don’t forget, this is all about your right to communicate and say what you like without anyone recording who, what or where you say it without your express written permission. Honor and dignity are priceless. And don’t forget that.

Fight back club: Write to your MP. That is the democratic way.

For those wondering what is going on, it is simple. We are engaged in a battle for the last of the world’s non renewable resources in the heart of the Middle East, Africa and Asia. It just so happens that Islam is the religion of choice in some of these regions and being they don’t like our way of life (not surprising really), they don’t really want us or the Russians in their land. So, to stop those who dislike the West punishing us for our indiscretions, the (UK) government needs to track everybody and every byte. But all of this is uneccessary. Instead of burning coal, drilling for oil and other dirty industrial age fuels, we can invest oil profits in solar energy and practical energy storage technology – and purchase our oil from Norway and other democracies until everything is up and running. And when it comes to our right to privacy, we should retain our innocent until proven guilty laws that mean recording our movements, electronic or physical are only done after we’re suspected of a crime. Else, what are we defending exactly?

One more thing: The government wants to track our movements when LEAVING the UK too – proving that there is a lot more to this than we are being lead to believe. Most concerning, don’t you think?


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April 27, 2009 at 5:21 pm

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