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Diving deeper into the sea of shame

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While talentless or overhyped individuals continue to receive overnight fame and (mis) fortune through crass and embarrassing broadcasting – real talents who achieve greatness the hard way and should be heroes and (one day) mentors, are treated like this. (More here.) In the United States, this young man would be an inspiration. But in starving for oxygen UK, we prefer to worship semi-fabricated false idols. (And that is not a royal ‘we’.) How long before our Dear Leader comes to the defense of this chap? Probably never, for like his subservients, he is surely glued to celeb TV, while his motley comrads fund their Dachas by taxing the sensible respectable into bankrupcty. Way to go.

Fight back club: See earlier postings. (Summary: Rise!)


Written by Oflife

April 23, 2009 at 7:01 pm

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