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UK Government to introduce (and/or encourage) 20 mph speed limits and (as this blog has been predicting and highlighting for a while now), remove even more of our civil liberties and ability to apply common sense along the way. Although some of this is covered in the public comments below the aforementioned Times story, here is my take:

  • Driving at 20 mph in any production car requires a very low gear and a lot of concentration. It does not come naturally due to the way cars are engineered – except in situations when such a speed is obviously required or intuitive, such as on a very narrow city street, in a car park, outside a school etc.
  • Driving below 50 mph down a hill on an A road requires constant braking or use of the gears. This in turn causes wear and tear on car parts, not to mention brake dust that in itself is a pollutant probably responsible for more cancer and respiratory deaths than low speed car accidents. (Hence you can smell brake dust on any hilly road where drivers are forced to decelerate for whatever reason.)
  • As the news media has covered over the last few months (links to each crash news story coming soon), the majority of road deaths are caused by cars full of drunk or criminal drivers ploughing into trees, walls, other cars or ditches after losing control of ‘their’ vehicle. Such people are not concerned at the speed limit in their state of mind. However, a human policeman in a patrol car or speed trap will be able to stop such drivers before they kill themselves and their passengers. Cameras cannot prevent such carnage.
  • While many other issues face the people of this country, increasing road deaths is not one of them.
  • Cars are not efficient at such low speeds and will therefore use up more fuel – a direct contradiction of the governments alleged green credentials, that I am sceptical of anyway – as are others. As a matter of scientific interest, the optimum speed for maximum fuel efficiency is 55mph, as the Americans discovered during the 1970s oil crisis. Why don’t they enforce that as a recommended speed on all our B roads? That will avoid any confusion. Ah, but they cannot do that, because entrapment is the only path to prosecuting the driver of his/her hard earned money.
  • Having local councils decide on whether or not they should introduce such limits means that drivers will continue to be confused about which speed to drive as they visit different areas, and therefore,  break the speed limit, further crippling their finances. £60 is the food budget for a lot of people for a week or two. This is entrapment, and it is despicable.
  • As the commentators below The Times story (and no doubt elsewhere) have thankfully pointed out, this is really all about more revenue from the already long suffering (mainly middle class) public and of course, increased electronic surveilance. To monitor the many miles of road covered by these new speed limits will require the installation of thousands more ‘speed’ cameras that will no doubt be linked to a database so they will be able to track you just about anywhere. How about using the money for something more constructive, such as installing solar panels on government buildings or improving our decrepid railway stations to make life more bearable for those who choose not to use cars?


“It’s all so perfect – but…

Those who lack confidence and a sense of worth or achievement will attempt to move the spotlight from themselves or genuinely pertinent issues by tarnishing, controlling or punishing innocent others. This occurs in dictatorships around the world.

Fight back club: Simple! Contest any fines you know in your heart are unjustified and don’t do the British thing of just paying up. Objective? Cost the government or your local council more than they will gain through their fiscally and paranoia motivated micromanagement of your life. Oh, and drive sensibly, as you have always done. It’s all about common sense really.

You may be asking why this blogger is concerned at what seems like a good idea – raise money by encouraging (forcing!) people to be careful. Because that is not what this is all about. This is about creating a completely subservient nation to be milked and manipulated at will over the coming decades – along with the far more serious issue of your life being recorded – with or without your concent – and that Dear reader, is what a large portion of this blog is concerned with. And there are those of us who would rather it didn’t happen – ever, come hell or high water.

UPDATE: (Un?)believable, they have introduced 20MPH limits in my home town! That’s New Labour!


Written by Oflife

April 21, 2009 at 2:47 am

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