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In the 1970s…

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…some people I know visited Romania – a country known then for KGB style behavior towards its people and tourists. One of the aforementioned visitors was taking photos of a building and was approached by the military police who asked him to destroy his camera film. When he told me this on his return to England, I was stunned. I found it hard to believe there could be a place on Earth where such behavior existed in the modern world. As I matured and learned more about Soviet style nations of the 70s and 80s I remained grateful to be born in a free country and felt sorry for those living under the constant fear and subservience of such dictatorships. Little did I know that one day, my country would slowly become like the nations we once fought wars against.

Incidentally, I have also been challenged when taking photos of innocent subjects. On one occasion, I was earning my living, the other, on a nice sunny day with the family on King’s Road in London. What really disgusted me was that the people who approached me on King’s Road were dressed in bright orange overcoats as if they were official, when they are nothing more than for hire security people. Ironically, they were foreign (yet challenging me in my own country!) and claimed to be working for a private entity of some sort. In a public space! Huh?

Fight back club: If this happens to you, yes, show the photos, but refuse to stop taking any more and do not hand over your memory card and/or film. I resisted and still have the photos that I will post here in due course. Don’t let these jobsworths who think they are important get away with echoing the behavior of the footsoldiers in fascist nations of the past or present. And no, it’s not (just) about terrorism. As mentioned elsewhere on these pages, we have a government who are so terrified of their people that they are gradually micro managing more and more aspects of our lives until we are totally subservient and monitored 24/7. Next they will be introducing a 20mph speed limit and using that as a way to install even more cameras, track even more of us and fool even more middle class motorists into accidentally going 5mph over the limit in return for a £30 fine to make up for loss of tax revenue since the indoor smoking ban. You think the banks are corrupt? Wait until the government has you wrapped in it’s embrace a few years from now. All powered by cold heartless efficient technology.

For more worrying tidbits, visit the Towards Dystopia section of this blog.


Written by Oflife

April 16, 2009 at 10:38 pm

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