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Of all the concepts presented for future transport, there are several reasons why the P.U.M.A. offers a practical solution:

  • Combines the benefits of a motorbike without the safety and license issues
  • It is exceptionally maneuverable, even turning within it’s own ‘footprint’
  • Nippy, great for getting about a larger town
  • Safe (Yes, colliding with a larger vehicle will hurt, but that applies to any compact transportation. It is tall enough to be visible.)
    • Hard to fall off
    • Not fast enough to do too much harm in an accident
  • Assuming the energy SOURCE is clean, P.U.M.A. is environmentally tops too
  • Would make an ideal taxi
    • Ideal for the elderly who find underground trains exhausting and are fed-up of noisy boring buses. They can live a little, again.
    • A clean quiet alternative to the noisy polluting taxis in many Asian cities
    • Perfect for summer tourists in major cities and towns – complements rickshaws too!
  • Great view thanks to the transparent canopy
  • Backed by a large firm (GM) who will hopefully not sit on it this time, but mass produce the P.U.M.A. A.S.A.P. while building a global charging network
  • Fun!

The only con is the lack of storage space for shopping and other items – something that will only be an issue with a passenger aboard, else you can put your stuff on the spare seat.

I would buy one of these today if it was available. Would you?

Idea: Why not have P.U.M.A. self charge when going down hill? Or perhaps it does?

Fight back club: Write to GM & Segway and offer to put down a deposit. Remember, the best way to bring about revolution is to vote with your wallet. Let GM smell the money.


Written by Oflife

April 8, 2009 at 10:46 am

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