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Of this(1). As with previously published stories on similar subjects, a number of concerned individuals write eloquently below the aforementioned article. Alas, like other breaches of our privacy and dignity, those who sit back and allow it to continue will reap what they sow through such innaction in the future. Just use your imagination. Isn’t it great to know that government and large business (such as the heneous ‘Phorm’) are so powerful we are unable to stop them – except by ceasing to ‘exist’.

Fight back club: Simple really, don’t communicate electronically. There will be nothing more effective than to deprive those who monitor our every breath of the oxygen that feeds their paranoia, advertising dollar or voyeuristic pleasure.

It is unbelievable that this is actually happening in the ‘modern’ world – and here on this island! Many brave souls gave their lives in the past to ensure such an existence never came to be. But with modern technology, it is so easy to be heneous, everyone’s doing it. The fact a whole generation (including some in positions of extreme power) were bought up with celebrity obsessed voyeuristic media, they don’t even comprehend the ethic of their station.

I came very very close to embedding in this posting images of a swastika and communist red star, but cannot bring myself to do it – yet.

(1) Link © 2009 The Independent.


Written by Oflife

April 4, 2009 at 2:47 am

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