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Why is it that researchers, scientists and the media do not perform due diligence before they publish materials that are old news? This in today’s Guardian confirms what The Club of Rome Report concluded – back in the 1960s.


Jean-Michel Jarre, Royal Albert Hall, 30th March 2008
© Alex B 2008

Fight back club: Sustainable living, sustainable living, and sustainable living. May not save us (we will probably need to populate Mars long term), but a solar economy will make life a lot more bearable for more people because it’s clean and reliable. And the happier people are, the less likely they are to turn to crime, mass migration, war and/or terrorism. You will notice I don’t mention population control. In a well managed economy this occurs naturally – a good reason to encourage failing nations to give it a whirl. 21 years to conduct repairs people.

As a matter of interest, The Club of Rome Report was explained to my high school class and had a major effect on my choices and outlook on life. Isn’t it thought provoking to consider the impact that such events that occur in ones youth can have on your life path? Our class is so lucky to have had such an enlightened and brilliant English and Social Studies teacher who spent so much time discussing world affairs and other interesting subjects beyond the standard curicculum. Thank you, Sir!


Written by Oflife

March 19, 2009 at 10:49 am

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