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This is worse than all else. Thing is, if this was a novel or a Hollywood film, the ‘bad’ guys would be bought to their knees by the third act* and we would have nothing to worry about. As per 9/11 where unlike Die Hard, no one was able to prevent any major component of the attack (beyond possibly downing the 4th aircraft before it struck a potential people filled target), in real life today, it appears to be harder and harder for good to win over what some may perceive as evil.

Fight back club: Chances are if I posted what I believe those of us who are concerned about this issue should do before it is too late, I would be in a spot of trouble. So, perhaps it is best to leave it to the good people of America (in particular fundamentalist Christians) to do what even the least religious would probably feel in their hearts is the right thing by stoping this dystopian horror in it’s tracks – NOW – and without any possibility of it ever occurring again in the future, no matter how far we are able to take technology. While some may not agree, a number of key religious principles are in fact based on fairly visionary and sound concepts, mostly based on science and common sense. Tamper at your peril.

*Standard Hollywoodesque screen plays are divided into three key acts: The first introduces us to the characters, the second develops the plot and contains the main ‘action’, while the third and final act brings about the conclusion. This latter component often includes a lot of mechanical drama, followed by a sentimental wrap up.


Written by Oflife

February 28, 2009 at 10:47 pm

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  1. “This” : designer babies – sounds awful. “they” always start by saying that it is all to prevent serious health issues. But the people who can afford it use it for cosmetics.

    Underlying it is the god-awful premise that some colours, features, IQ’s etc are better than others – this concept promoted by the advertising companies hired by the cosmetics industry. What happened to “God bless the diversity” that lead to the wonderful evolution of most fascinating species?

    While all religions were originally science and sense in the beginning, at some point they morph into mysticism and communalism. I don’t think they can help us.

    What can help is the voices of sense in synch (like a laser beam made of light!)


    March 1, 2009 at 3:46 am

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