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iPhone / iPod Touch apps usage patterns

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Re this report from Pinch Media* here is my take:

Unlike larger static hardware such as gaming consoles, people use small form factor devices incidentally throughout the day depending on their location and status. For example, an iPhone game may be played while on the tube or other situation where one is bored. People like to show off their latest fun apps to friends during social events but only for a limited period of time as it is not possible for more than a few people to view the screen at once – unlike a large screen home entertainment setup. On the other hand, once high speed wireless networks become prevalent, then networked (hand held) games will become popular and enjoyed for longer away from home. It is very hard to become bored when out and about. When at home, one pops on the TV or other entertainment medium in order to vegitate and absorb. On the other hand, when mobile, there is much to excite our senses, so beyond the specific applications as set forth above, there is little need for people to become glued to their devices for extended periods of time.

The future of single user hand held apps will depend on the location of the user and the networking capabilities of the application. Effectively, the device will adapt to the user’s environment and current needs:

  • Travelling
    • Playing games
    • Solving puzzles
    • Reading eBooks
    • Viewing location maps
    • Updating/viewing social networking/Twitter profiles/feeds
  • In the pub or café
    • Cheating at the pub quiz using Google
    • Playing networked games with other friends
    • Showing off the latest cool or silly app
    • Updating/viewing social networking/Twitter profiles/feeds
  • At home
    • Downloading apps on the faster WiFi connection
    • Listening to music with a device connected to an amplifier or speaker dock
    • Not using hand held device at all because desktop/laptop computer and wide screen display is where all the action is

In conclusion, there is nothing wrong with the apps, it is just that the mobile market works differently.

Either way, a small screen is not easy on the eyes for lengthy periods of time – no matter the resolution, while the motion sensitive control nature of most iPhone/iPod Touch games makes some feel ill after a while. Worse, it is annoying to have to tilt the screen away from the eye while viewing it. Mechanical navigation controls will always be superior.

*Remove ‘dia’ for fun. 😉


Written by Oflife

February 24, 2009 at 11:48 am

Posted in Apple, Technology

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