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1. Two satellites collide in space. NASA chaps say chances of this happening were a million to one.

2. Two nuclear submarines collide. Apparently, chances of this happening in our huge oceans were a million to one – too. (Even if both subs broke up and sunk, beyond the terrible loss of life, those CND people should be more concerned about the effect navy communications have on whales. Nuclear warheads do not spontaneously explode and are designed to survive abuse. To further quote THHGTTG, “Don’t panic!”)

Moral of the story? If something can happen, then it probably will! After all, applying probability theory, is it not in fact strange if an event that is unlikely to occur, fails to occur once in a while? (Think about that one!) A good reason to ensure we have a plan to deal with asteroids, stellar radiation and other ‘million to one’ threats. After all, it only takes one really catastrophic event to put us out of our misery…

Fight back club: Be prepared.


Written by Oflife

February 16, 2009 at 2:09 pm

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