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Safety badges for UK school destinations

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As I type this, am considering just giving up blogging about the UK. The country has so lost the plot in almost every direction, I wonder if it is too late and whether those of us who are so incensed by it are wasting our time. Anyway, here’s the deal:

1. Over the last decade or so, due to the me me me compensation culture, ‘health and safety’ and the general dumbing down and weakening of our society, schools have reduced the number of outdoor activities, to reduce the ‘risks’ to children. (Uhm, lack of activity will induce diabetes, heart disease, mental instability etc – so this is total rubbish.)

2. Today, the BBC News reported that safety level badges will be awarded to destinations, such as museums, outdoor activity centres and more. Applying will cost between £100 and £300.

Having been given total freedom as a child to climb trees, play conkers, go for long walks, camp in distant forrests – even own several air guns, and not once suffer serious injury, all this protection is just an insult to human nature and our ability to use common sense and natural instinct to deal with what life throws at us.

(Later after work I am going to locate another BBC  link that will really just show how low things have sunk here.)

When major work tasks are completed, I hope to find time to publish as a separate password protected page a full analysis of the ‘collapse’ of the UK, and how and why it happened. The fact I spent so much time abroad has provided a unique perspective, as has chatting with people of all ages – who mostly agree with my issues – something to be optimistic about.

The truth is, we need a massive revolution. A return to freedom and common sense – and an end to for profit laws that bare NO relevance to the actual goings on in this country. If I can use another example: The government have been running some very effective TV advertisements that show a middle aged (middle class?) man witnessing ‘ghostly’ visions of a young boy he must have killed while driving. There has not been any increase in people of any age being hit by cars – this is fear mongering and an excuse to further fine, monitor, CCTV et al the middle classes. If you actually follow the news, the really horrific accidents are often 4 or 5 (or more) young people driving late at night (possibly after a few drinks) and losing control of ‘their’ vehicle on a bend and hitting a tree or brick wall. The only way to stop that kind of carnage is parenting and real world policing. People who have common sense instilled into them by default rarely get themselves into such a position in the first place.

Again, what is going on in this country is government control of every aspect of our lives based on unfounded fears and statistics that bare no resemblance to real world events. It really is about money and control  – nothing else. And that folks is not acceptable in a democracy.

Fight back club: Let your kids lose! They’ll learn!

Movies that predicted for profit law: Demolition Man (1993)


Written by Oflife

February 13, 2009 at 2:42 pm

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