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1. Solar powered phone from Samsung.

“Honey? Speak up, it’s getting dark!”

Seriously, the more devices that are completely or even partially powered by renewables, the better.

Fight back club: If it works for you, buy one!

Link © 2009 Engadget via another tech blog.

2. UK gov chooses quality over politics by purchasing Japanese trains – much to the fury of the chaps with PG Tips accents (tease) who have failed to observe that the economies with the highest standard of living got there by working hard and making ‘quality no. 1’. This, like the Samsung phone above, is why no matter how much people hurt during a downturn or how much damage the banks have done to the free market, creative capitalism and free trade are the only way forward – with regulation to avoid greed. Yes, have government fund the infrastructure, but like the military when it wants the best fighterjet, you put out a bid for tender and buy the best you can get for your tax dollar! (Isn’t that a great term? Say this out loud in a drawn out American accent, “Your tax dollars at work!” Yay, I paid for that bolt!) Oops, going on a wacky tangent. Time to log off and head for the Bookies.

Fight back club: If it works for the people, buy some!

Link © 2009 The Times


Written by Oflife

February 12, 2009 at 10:42 pm

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