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A few years ago, I recall clearly watching the last episode of one of the contemporary series of Doctor Who. The scene showed an (enemy) space craft catching fire and exploding (as they do) right at the end of the show. It was beyond obvious that the ship was in the shape of a cross. And throughout the whole episode, you could see the BBC taking a swipe at Christianity.

I won’t say “I have no idea what is going on.” because like some of you, I know precisely what is going on. Ethics and ethical people are being debunked and humiliated such that the state can exercise a more callous, cold and ruthless policy without the monitoring and critique of those who know in their hearts that something is very wrong.

What this country is doing to kind well meaning charitable Christians is unacceptable and those familiar with the term ‘dhimmitude’ and/or for profit law and order will comprehend precisely what is going on, why – and where we are headed.

Fight back club: Revolted? Then revolt. This chap is, and he’s spot on.

Meanwhile, William Golding’s book continues to evolve into reality as the UK’s Channel 4 television, possibly the world’s most unethical broadcasting system, continues to poison and exploit this nation’s naive young in order that it can profit from the sale of advertising space. On that subject: In the days and weeks following the 9/11 attacks, the American broadcasting networks ceased any advertising while showing related programming. Meanwhile Channel 4 ran many programs about the attacks, filling them with advertising every few minutes. That’s a secular ethics for you.

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Written by Oflife

February 12, 2009 at 2:04 am

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