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Fires in Australia

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If I may be a little cruel, the hype over all this is odd. Australia, like certain areas of California, is almost all reclaimed desert or fairly inhospitable land. We silly white Westerners bring our cold weather architecture and transport over to the colonies and wonder why it doesn’t really work. In 1992 I witnessed (live on TV and from my room) the burning of the hills and homes in Berkeley, California, where over 30 people died.

Seems a little more common sense and a lifestyle more in tune with nature is called for.

a) Low lying stone homes self insulate, requiring less or no external energy that may be a cause of these fires if climate change is (even partially) responsible. Like animal tunnels. semi subterranean homes are far more likely to survive even the most intense inferno. b) Cars based on the internal combustion engine include parts that get very hot that have been known to cause fires when parked with the engine running over tinder dry twigs, leaves etc.


Fight back club: Humankind needs to life closer to nature through imaginative architecture and a more robust search for an alternative to the internal combustion engine.

More about the above eco home when goes live.


Written by Oflife

February 9, 2009 at 3:11 pm

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  1. It is very well worth looking into the reasons for the bush and forest fires. Of course, maniacs are hard to control, however when cought shall receive a punishment hard enough to scare every body else off forever. about BBQs and other reasons for accidents, education would help a lot and also providing safe BBQ areas in a cleared area and with water access to fight fire right when it starts. a forest range system to detect beginning fires with watch towers and helicopters can also prevent worse, and compared to the lives the last forest fire demanded, costs are acceptable. but also governments need to look into their laws. In stead of prohibiting development in forest regions, a moderate permission to development with the requirement to replant twice as many trees on a different terrain, as have to be cut for the development would do better than laws without alternatives. In some regions people just burn down forests to remove the forest legislation along with it.


    February 9, 2009 at 7:07 pm

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