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We’re not in a recession…

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…we’re in a correction. And it’s a biggie. Unlike the actual recessions of the 1970s and 1980s that came about as part of an approximate 11 year cycle, the current correction covers more than just matters fiscal. Yes, the dubious investments helped bring about the current financial woes, but it also (thankfully) exposed flaws in other areas of life and society – everywhere! Any entity built upon a lie or unstable foundations will eventually collapse or be forced to re-boot. It’s not all bad news, we just messed up in some areas and need to make ammends.

Lack of credit had pulled away the supports that propped up businesses that should have adapted or died earlier. For example, a major high street music and video store here in the UK is shutting up shop. How did they expect to compete against online media and ‘survive’ as long as they did? Another sold trashy goods that can be purchased in other more versatile branded supermarkets or online. The branded coffee shops are suffering too – no wonder, £2 for what would buy a months worth of ground coffee. No surprise people are in debt, that’s over £500 a year! A dumbing down of youth (in particular here in the UK) has lead to a whole generation of people who lack the intellect to create anything with value to themselves or society. And with nothing to sell, our nation is forced to raise ‘taxes’ through collective punishment of the middle classes (very very dangerous) with insipid fines and pointless (& sometimes callous) politically correct laws or attitudes. High street banks have imposed crippling fees on consumers for minor oversights. Said fees cause cheques or direct debits to be returned which in turn sometimes incurs a fee, causing things to spin rapidly out of control. So the bank is swimming in consumer fees, but the consumer has no money to spend and oil the wheels of the economy! We have also spent the last 50 to 60 years being sold products that are not only pointless, but over the long term exceptionally damaging to our health and that of the planet. For example, everyday household cleaning goods, industrial pollutants, medications and more collect in our bodies, groundwater and oceans. Deteriorating environment aside, all the resultant weird and unwonderful illnesses effecting people of all ages today are costing our health services and/or individuals a fortune – if one may set asside the suffering for a moment. The media exaggerate everything too, for example, a day after I made this post (this is an addition), snow covered much of the UK and the press made it out to be a disaster, when in fact, it’s fun (for kids and kidults like me), clears the air, looks lovely and happened frequently a decade and more ago. And if America can keep going in 5 feet of snow, we can handle a foot or less. We were given plenty of notice by the weather forecasters. Finally, we have failed to invest (on a Manhattan Project scale) in practical, commercially viable and efficient alternatives to a carbon energy based economy. If we have, when – and where?

Why did this happen? Greed and lack of vision aforethought. Basically, we’ve made a number of naive or nefarious decisions, depending on who we are. So, we’re in a complete mess and are now going to be forced to think carefully, plan wisely and act with an affirmation and confidence before losing the resources and guidance necessary to complete the tasks at hand.

Fight back club: Banks, think about lending to viable businesses that generate capital assets from effort and intellectual property – not consumers who want a nice sofa or plasma TV that devalue the moment they are purchased. People, consider studying science and technology in depth and work towards a solar economy based on market driven concepts. Try to wean yourself off buying all those plastic and processed goods. You don’t need it. Use honey instead of sugar to help save the bees – it’s good for you anyway. Avoid dwelling on the past or allowing those with interests in it to attempt to stop you. These are the essential corrections that will get the ball rolling.

“I think we agree, the past is over”
– George W. Bush

On the food front, Jamie Oliver is doing much to improve things and his efforts to replace crapfluff with goodstuff are paying off already. Way to go.


Written by Oflife

January 31, 2009 at 11:27 pm

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